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Instructional Practice

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Instructional Practice
District 2 Pre-K Center:Midtown East 57th Street: Student Teacher (2018-2019)

My attendance at City College as a graduate student started when I was looking to get something more from my life. After working with families as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator for close to 7 years, I realized that I wanted to make a much more direct impact on children. I was fortunate enough to be placed with cooperating and experienced teacher, Francisca Puello in her Pre-K Class during my student teaching experience in 2019. With her guidance, I was provided the opportunity to lead small groups and feel and be supported all through out! I learned that children come with experiences that can be used as learning opportunities to deliver new information and teach new skills. I am adding this Student Teaching section because it was essential to my start at the District 2 Pre-K Centers. 

Instructional Practice 
District 2 Pre-K Center: Tweed: Pre-K (2019-2020)

During my first year of teaching, I had the honor to start in a pre-k classroom at Tweed. I was a co teacher alongside with Ilene Lerea, an experienced teacher who not only showed me the ropes of teaching, but ensured that I was learning outside of the classroom by taking any additional courses that would provide me with resource to keep on learning. Take a look ahead at some of the things I could do with my children as I ensured to meet them where they are. 

Instructional Practice 
District 2 Pre-K Center: Peck Slip: Pre-K (2020-2021)

During my second year of teaching at District 2 Pre-K Center: Peck Slip: I was able to teach a Pre-K classroom during the re-opening of in person learning after being locked down in the virtual world that the global pandemic forced us to. I was able to ensure that my students and families felt safe enough to come to school and learn from all that was to happen in a Pre-K Classroom no matter what circumstances we were faced with as the pandemic changed the way we interacted.

Instructional Practice 

District 2 Pre-K Center: Midtown West 57th: 3K (2021-2022)

During my time in the classroom as a 3K teacher, my instructional practice has allowed me to reach my children in many different ways! Check out some of the lessons I have completed with my students throughout my 3K year at the District 2 Pre-K Center: Midtown West 57th Street!

Instructional Practice 

District 2 Pre-K Center: Midtown West 57th: Pre-K (2022-2023)

My Instructional Practice at Midtown West 57th Street was a time for me to focus on my students' identities and connections to themselves and their peers. Check out the ways I have had the honor to deliver instruction through different activities. 

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