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Family Engagement

Family Engagement promotes social emotional development in children. When children see their family in the classroom, they are joyful and can make connections that increase their self-esteem. As a teacher in the classrooms I've lived in, I have provided opportunities for families to come in resulting in children being enthusiastic about their own parent delivering some kind of instruction, including a story, or a small group activity. I have had the honor of providing open communication and due to this parents are happy and enthusiastic about coming in! Take a look ahead for more! Feel free to click on images for a closer look! 

Newsletter Highlights

Camila's Mommy reads

Special Guest: Camila's mommy reads to us

Camila's mommy comes in to read us a special story. Parents are always invited to read special stories and enhance our classroom knowledge and community. (2022-2023)

This newsletter/ powerpoint (above)was included in this email(below) sent to families...

10-14-2023 Email.png
Walking Trip Buildings

Walking Trip to Building 606: The MAX

During our Building Unit of Study, our children received the opportunity to visit The MAX: the building in which our school resided in (right downstairs!). Some of our children live in the building and were excited to have their peers and teachers visit the many different amenities and building rooms the space offered. Without the parents who live in the building, this trip would have not been possible. What a great trip! Children came back to the classroom and shared what their favorite room in the building was through their language and their drawings. (2022-2023)

Newsletter Highlights

Lunar New Year in Pre-K 101.png

Honoring Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year provided us with an opportunity to celebrate in the classroom! Kris' family was invited and came in. They warmly provided us with many decorations as we took on this new year together! (2022-2023) I was honored to support the home to school connections in this cultural way.

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Newsletter Highlights

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Celebrating Birthdays!

Twin siblings, Diya and Veer, enjoy a birthday filled with read alouds, music and laughter right in their 3K class. Birthday read alouds are always an open invitation for families to come in and honor their child and provide a spark in our classroom community. (2021-2022)

This newsletter/ powerpoint (above)was included in this email(below) sent to families...

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Newsletter Highlights

Zachary's mom

Enhancing our units of study with parent involvement...

As I promote family to school connections with personal family invitations, Zachary's mom comes into our classroom to talk to us about how we grow and how we have the power to make plants grow. We engage in a planting activity and learn that our plants can have names too. Children give their future plants names after planting their seeds. They are enthusiastic about planting and want to do it again after this activity. (2021-2022)

This newsletter/ powerpoint (above)was included in this email(below) sent to families...

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Yoga at Tweed w parents 115.JPG
Yoga at Tweed w parents.JPG
Yoga at Tweed w parents in class 115.JPG

Terrific Tuesday: "Tree Yoga"

For this parent engagement time, Parents and children are invited to engage in Tree Yoga during a "Terrific Tuesday" Family Engagement time! Leading families in this activity was a valuable experience as a lover of yoga! Children and parents alike, became the trees that they knew and followed along with joy! Parents were pleased with this engagement that allowed them to spend school time with their child. Children used this mindfulness activity outside of this session and would pretend to transform into different animals using yoga poses they learned through my instruction in this session. This expanded on their pretend play skills and their gross and fine motor abilities. (2019-2020)

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