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When Quincy started Pre-K, she presented to be a shy and quiet child who gravitated towards peers that she knew in 3K. With her IEP goals to address her speech (2x30/week) and hearing (2x45/week) development, I ensured to set up the classroom community to promote her success. I also ensured that she sat in the front of our large group meetings so that she was closer to my voice as I delivered instruction. She then started to expand on her friendships and started to share her thoughts, ideas and  knowledge during our small and large group activities throughout the day. 

Quincy's Center Time Activities

Quincy's time in Pre-K consists of two periods of Center Time where she has the ability to choose and pick centers that are of interest to her. As Quincy's teacher, I make sure to be reminded that as children at this age level children are learning to be independent and are finding themselves through materials in the classroom they always need their teacher's support and acknowledgment.

"At various carefully prepared centers, we scaffold children's natural instinct for play, introducing materials and posing questions and ideas that help them develop a wide range of skills."

Dinnerstein, R. (2016). choice time: How to Deepen Learning Through Inquiry and Play, PreK-2. Heinemann. (p.31)

Quincy's Self Portraits

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Quincy's Daily Name Sign-In 

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Quincy Show & Share.HEIC

Show & Share Time 

Quincy had the opportunity to engage and participate in the weekly "Show & Share" time! She is in charge of setting her own timer on the Promethean Board and starts to show and share her pictures. Quincy is excited to show off her new baby brother to her peers and teachers. 

With this activity that is embedded into Friday's Flow of the Day, she is able to present herself and use her math, language, cognitive, and social emotional skills. She is also able to follow limits and expectations and know that once the timer is up, her turn is over and the next peer in line will be front of center for presenting.

With Show and Share being a part of our daily week's schedule. Quincy has the ability to work on her language skills and share some of her cognitive and social emotional skills. In addition, she is in charge of the timer and demonstrates her awareness of time. 

Quincy's Math Development
Teaching Strategies Gold Data: Fall 2022

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 10.12.42 AM.png

Quincy was able to demonstrate her sense of time. When I invited her to put on a time, for each person's Show & Share Time, she was able to locate it on the Promethean Board. This demonstrated her to be performing at Level 4: Objective 20c: Connects numerals with their quantities) and at a Level 3:Objective 22b (Measures Time & Money) and she was also able to follow limits and stay within the time as she shared how many pictures she was going to show us. Her ability to connect numerals to their quantities and measure time and money as listed in objectives above, were presented during her show and share. With an activity like this one, Quincy was able to practice and extend her knowledge around mathematics. 

Quincy's Language Development
Teaching Strategies Gold Data: Fall 2022

8b 9a Quincy TSG .png

Quincy's language skills were and continue to be an essential skill that were worked on as her mild to moderate hearing loss has impacted her language. Because of the many opportunities I have provided in the classroom to share/talk in small and large groups as well as demonstrate social language skills, she has succeeded and continues to succeed when verbally communicating with others. In Fall 2022-2023, Quincy demonstrated to perform at a Level 5 with objectives 8b) Follows Directions and 9a) Uses an expanding expressive vocabulary meeting pre-k expectations. Activities like "Show & Share", and other large and small group meetings that required language to complete provided Quincy the supports to be challenged in a developmentally appropriate way.

Quincy mixing.HEIC
Salt Play Dough Recipe_edited.jpg

Salt Flour Dough Ball

Quincy was invited to engage in measuring and mixing a salt, flour, and water concoction and then mixed it all together. In this group activity, she was supported to look at a recipe chart and use a measuring cup to follow directions about how much of each property was needed. I encouraged Quincy and reminded her of how well she can read pictures and how pictures are connected to the words in this recipe. In this activity, we made a ball in connection to our Ball Unit of Study. Quincy was also able to recall her experience and read off of the recipe chart.

Quincy's Math Development
Teaching Strategies Gold Data: Fall 2022

TSG Quincy Math 20a, 20b.png

With this activity, Quincy got to count how many cups of water, salt and flour was needed. She used her mixing spoon and her hands to mix the concoction. In this activity she was able to measure objects in a measuring cup which allowed her to demonstrate her knowledge of numbers. In Fall 2022-2023, she demonstrated her ability to count (Objective 20a: Level 5) connect numerals with their quantities (Objective 20c: Level 4) and measure objects (Objective 22a: Level 4) meeting at the Pre-K standard.

"Attendance Taker Quincy":
Ten Frame Counting

Quincy Ten Frame

After creating the Ten Frame on our classroom Attendance Chart, I worked to gain Quincy's interest in a new way of documenting which children were at home and which children were at school. When "Attendance Taker Quincy" was in charge, she explored the Ten Frame even outside of Morning meeting. I sat with Quincy and encouraged her to change some pictures inside of the of the Ten Frame to challenge her counting and subitizing skills. "It's a Ten Frame because its always 10 here (touches top 10 frames) and 10 there (touches 10 bottom frames) but there never 10 here because we only have this many kids. Only 13 kids today."


Quincy's Math Development
Teaching Strategies Gold Data

TSG Math Quincy Fall 2022.png

Quincy's math development has been an essential part of her learning. When introducing the Ten frame into daily tools of autonomy like the Attendance Chart, Quincy was able to grasp the skill of subitizing. She was able to look at a group of objects and quantify the number. In her job as the attendance taker, Quincy is able to demonstrate that there are 13 children at school, with 10 being at the top and three starting at the bottom in the second ten frame. I was able to continuously show the Ten Frame and remind Quincy of how it works as I worked with her during her "Attendance Taker" role (during Morning Meeting) & one on one. "While it's important that teachers get to hear children count out loud, it's also important that they acknowledge when children correctly identify a small quantity without counting at all." Brownell, J. O., Chen, J.-Q., Ginet, L., & Education, P. P. (2014). Big ideas of early mathematics: What teachers of young children need to know (p. 37). 

Quincy's Language and Math Development Data      Teaching Strategies Gold: Winter 2022-2023

TSG Language Quincy WInter 2022.png
TSG Math  Winter 2022 Quincy.png

Teaching Strategies Gold Math Objectives 20a (Level 5 to 7), 20b (Level 3 to 5), 20c (Level 4 to 7), 20d (Level "Not Yet" to 1), 20f (Level "Not Yet" to 1), 22a (Level 4 to 5), 22b (Level 3 to 4) are objectives that Quincy mastered since the Fall 2022-2023. With the activities that I put together above Quincy was able practice her skills with appropriate supports including scaffolding as I ensured to praise her as she went along. I was able to provide Quincy with the tools necessary to complete these activities and support by differentiating instruction that allowed her to thrive and move up on her levels. With her math skills growing, I provided opportunities for Quincy's language to flourish which included the ability to follow directions and use an expanding and expressive vocabulary (Language TSG Objectives 8b and 9a both going up to a Level 7 in the Winter 2022-2023 from a Level 5 in the Fall 2022-2023).  

Quincy's mom talks about trees.png
Little Island.jpg

Trees Here, Trees there, Trees Everywhere!

Quincy's mom came to our classroom as our special guest to talk about trees. As a parent who studied architecture, she was also able to talk about her work around helping build the "Little Island" which has lots of trees and other tools of nature. With this event, our classroom was enriched by a home to school connection and we were exposed to some new information about trees and how to care for them. This also encouraged and contributed to Quincy's social emotional development, as she became excited to see her mom. Because this information was delivered from her mom, she reminded us of it at later times. "It's not good to stand on the roots of a tree because then it will get hurt." -Quincy

Quincy's Social Emotional Development 
Teaching Strategies Gold Data

Quincy SEL TSG.png

Click on the "View More" Button to view Quincy's report pre Turning 5 IEP meeting

The objectives listed above from teaching Strategies Gold document Quincy's progress in her social emotional development including interacting with peers, forming relationships with adults, and following limits and expectations. During this time, our special guest, Quincy's mom, demonstrated the different kinds of work she does in new projects like the Little Island! All of these objectives are impacted by the home to school connection impacted by Quincy's mom visit and instruction to our classroom. Quincy also shared that she would travel along with her mommy to help and work on the lighting for the island. She was able to recall these events while engaging her peers and collaborating with her mom to complete this special presentation. This increased her social emotional skills and strengthen the home to school connection for us all. 

Quincy's Heggerty Assessment: Pre-K Form A

Heggerty Quincy.png
Quincy Heggerty .png

Quincy's assessment represents her readiness to read at this time due to my daily teachings and Quincy's daily learnings of this phonics program. She scored at 100% (Proficient) level in 5 out of 6 segments. When it comes to Segmenting Onset skills, she performed at the Beginning level. As explained at the Heggerty training "Segmenting Onset" is a Kindergarten skill that children at the pre-k level are to be exposed to. Her ability to obtain a 40% (scoring at the Beginner level) represents her ability to do some of the work in this area. I will continue to support and challenge Quincy as Heggerty daily lessons are implemented and Quincy is able to practice this skill with repetition and differentiation.    

Communication and Appreciation

Quincy's dad email about Lenape.png

Quincy's dad reaches out after the weekly newsletter/powerpoint presentation is sent out to all families at the end of the week. His appreciation for the work done in the classroom is noted and taken as teaching about identity and culture will continue to be at the forefront of my classroom community.

Quincy Lenape.jpg
Email from Quincy's dad about her block structure.png
Quincy's block pic from home

Quincy's dad writes an email to honor Quincy's request to show us her block structure at home. As a teacher who warmly reminds my students and their families to share any piece of their lives (in and outside of school) I receive this message. Her understanding of school and home are in sync as she demonstrates to be aware that her family is able to reach her teachers at any time via email to proudly show off her block structure.

Quincy's dad about meeting appreciating.png

After a meeting with Quincy's dad on Quincy's services, he shares some additional information and appreciates site coordinator, Anna Biondo, Wellness Team Chair and Parent Coordinator, Nicole Dorsey and myself for putting Quincy's social emotional development at the forefront.

Quincy email observation.png

As Quincy receives supports outside of her teachers' instruction, I ensure that Quincy's family is aware of how her Turning 5 observation went to strengthen our partnership and communication.

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