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Instructional Practice
District 2 Pre-K Center: Midtown West 57th: Pre-K (2022-2023)

My Instructional Practice at Midtown West 57th Street was a time for me to focus on my students' identity and connections to themselves and their peers. Check out the ways I have had the honor to deliver instruction through different activities. 

Pre-K 101 Class Picture_edited.jpg

Class Picture, with myself included (left), my supportive paraprofessional, Linda Chen (right) and our students of Class Pre-K 101.

Native American Heritage Month.png
Native American Bulletin.HEIC

Honoring Native American Heritage through Literature

After I read the story, When the Monkeys Came back, by Kristine L. Franklin, children were invited to make connections in honoring Native American Heritage Month. I utilized our classroom promethean board to show images of Manahatta before it was taken over to be called Manhattan. I invited children to explore and discuss what they think Manahatta would hav been like to live in and be in. What would we see? I prompted students to make connections between these real life historic events to what was happening in the story When the Monkeys Came back.

George Crum summary
George Crums in the making
George Crum video

Black History Month:
We honor Chef George Crum

Honoring George Crum, the chef who invented the potato chip, was a way to get children interested in a topic (and food) that they had prior knowledge in. Children learned that Crum accidentally invented the delicious snack while working in a restaurant. Children were invited to make their own chip on canvas! With this activity, I invited children to expand on their prior knowledge by asking them open ended questions about what their chip would taste like and what ingredients and nutrients would be in it. With this activity children started to make connections to the flavors and nutrients in their own foods during breakfast, lunch and snack time. 

Hispanic Heritage Month_edited.jpg

Hispanic Heritage Month Wall

I work to make sure that Hispanic Heritage Month shines in our classroom with our students being able to choose a flag, draw it, and then talk about why they chose it. Some of our children exhibited prior knowledge as their families are from these countries. I encouraged children to exhibit pride and joy as they became excited to talk about some of their visits to these countries. I also created the space and time to talk about Hispanic leaders who have made a difference in our world and children made connections to the Hispanic leaders who may have made a difference to them such as their parents or anyone else they may know.

Singing Bowl with kids

Singing Bowl and Mindfulness

Children listen to the sound of the singing bowl and then when the sound is done, they are to put up a sign using their hands; this can be a peace sign, a heart symbol or any other sign that they choose. After this, we engage in active gross motor play! As I use the singing bowl as a tool for relaxation, this also expands on children's listening and self regulation (social emotional development) skills. With the SEL/Yoga course training, I have taken, activities like these become possible for me and my students. I also allow for students to practice using the singing bowl if they wish to.

Yoga Pre-K 101.PNG

Yoga and Mindfulness

Wellness Team Chair and Parent Coordinator, Nicole Dorsey and myself lead my class of children into a mindfulness and yoga practice. Children take deep breaths, engage in bodily movements that they are in full control of, and pretend to be different animals while prompted in different poses. After this moment to slow down is done, children are observed to play harder than ever and are calmer in their movements because of this mindfulness practice I helped lead.

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