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Instructional Practice
District 2 Pre-K Center:
Midtown West 57th Street: 3K Teacher (2021-2022)

During my time in the classroom as a 3K teacher, my instructional practice has allowed me to reach my children in many different ways! Check out some of the lessons I have completed with my students throughout my 3K year at the District 2 Pre-K Center: Midtown West 57th Street!

3K Day of Love

Honoring a Day of Love

As we honor a day of love, children get to be in community by being invited to wear pink, white or red and share ways that they demonstrate kindness to each other and the people that they love. My supportive para, Linda Chen (left) and myself (right) take this picture with our children to later share with families. I invited children to share (throughout the day) the ways that they are being kind together; which required me to warmly praise children constantly as I recognized their efforts and abilities to be kind to themselves and others. Examples of this were seen and noted as children played together, took turns playing with toys and other things, while asking each other if they are feeling certain types of ways as different events happened throughout the day.

3K Teaching: Gym

Up and Down!

While teaching at the 3K level assessing children during play was also a factor that played a big role during our gym period. With this game, I was able to assess children's knowledge around colors. I was also able to assess children's ability to understand language and follow directions such as "slow," "fast" as we moved the play parachute! Documentation was important during this activity as well as I ensured that all children were safe and were having a fun time.

Stella: Shared Reading 3K

Shared Reading

I ensured to expose and introduce children to the literacy concept of Shared Reading. I started by having children read the pictures of the shared reading text and then we started to read and look at the words. I modeled which resulted in teaching children that the the reading pointer could be used to practice directionality of text. During Choice Time, I invited children to engage with this poem (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) at the Library Center.

Question of the Day: 3K

Question of the Day in 3K

During my 2021-2022 school year in 3K, I ensure that the Question of the Day  was an essential part of movement as children usually explored an object or used their body to provide with a response. I utilized the the promethium board in the classroom is a useful technology tool that provides children with a large size visual of how letters and visuals can connect. I also prompted and motivated children to read the pictures to figure out what the question of the day was. 

Asian and Pacific Islander Month 3K.png

Honoring Asian American and Pacific Islander Month 
During this time of mandated mask wearing, we discovered that Taiwanese American scientist, Peter Tsai invented the N95 mask. In honor of this accomplishment children created and designed their own masks. It was also important for children to learn that there are many other places in the world besides the places they see and live in. With activities like these, I was able to expose children to inventors and empower them with the idea that they are inventors as well when they create new structors and build new things in the classroom.

Doing some mindfulness with kids.HEIC

Mindful Movements for All

All students and staff at my site are invited to share a moment of mindfulness and movement! I lead students and staff into some "rainbow breathing" where we raise our arms up from our sides to make up the colors of the rainbow and we breathe do this repeateledy until our rainbow is finished. We use our hallway space at the time to ensure safety and room (due to COVID 19) and move our bodies as we breathe! In these times of uncertainty as COVID is still impacting our communities, it is important that we find moments to be together and breathe. As a teacher and a member of the school's Wellness Team I ensure that students and staff engage in this mindfulness activity so that we can have more attention for the day ahead.  

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